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All in one.

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

A couple of years ago I started a personal blog to express myself and show others my passions in life, for example taking photos, the world of fashion, music and any way of inspiring things like architecture. Additionally I had an account on Lookbook, tumblr and so on and so on. By studying and working at the same time, there is not that much time left for taking care of each of those platforms - that's why most of my online activities dried out.

Due to my passion for design I always wanted to have my own online portfolio website to show others my skills. This would have meant to create a new, additional website. That's too much, way too much. According to this I decided to start new and create a space where I can do both, showing my skills and passions as well as telling people my thoughts and what inspires me. So here we are, here you are. This website is still in progression, but will be updated continuously. Have fun, enjoy, thank you!


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